Offers project-based businesses a range of tools that help streamline production processes, minimising work repetition and maximising workforce capabilities. We offer an online software package, so your team can have up-to-date information at their finger tips, wherever in the world they may be working.

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Fully integrated
'Electronic-Purchase Order Database'


Quoting & Budgeting: Complex quotes made easy with E-BUD

Crew Management

Take control of your crew contracts, start forms and timesheets

E-POD: Electronic - Purchase Order Database

E-POD is currently being used by a range of production companies in South Africa, Europe and North America and is fast becoming the industry standard. Our simple interface and clever reporting makes it a dream to use, speeding up approval processes and replacing antiquated paper PO workflows. Some of the benefits are:

  • The system is online and browser based so it can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • You can iImport existing Chart of Accounts
  • Full trace history of every PO raised
    • when a PO was sent for approval
    • when a PO was approved by each person in the approval chain
    • PO numbers are not generated until a PO is completely approved (unless requested otherwise)
  • Attach supporting documents directly to a PO for the approver to see
  • Approve POs straight from your emails
  • Set up task digests so you can receive approval requests at a time that suits you
  • Approved POs are sent directly to your Accounts team and supplier
  • A variety of reporting functions available, including a full PO log, per your Chart of Accounts

For more information on E-POD, click here

E-BUD: Electronic - BUDgeting & Quoting
How does it work?

Have you been using outdated, formula-led spreadsheets for your budgets and quotations? Have you struggled with formatting your documents to make your client facing quotations look professional? Do your budget templates have errors in them and are you 100% sure all the calculations and formulas are still working correctly? Does it take you a long time to prep a quote to send to your potential client?

Look no further! E-BUD is the solution.

The Online Quoting & Budgeting tool is perfect for commercials and scouts Prepping budgets and sending out quotations is now simplified.

With a user-friendly interface, you can easily set up budget templates which then can be customised for every client.

Create templates for your most frequently requested quotes, for example:

  • 1, 2 or 3 shoot day templates
  • Studio or location based shoots
  • Light, medium or heavy art department requirements
  • Light, medium or heavy lighting requirements

Once your templates have been set up, you can quickly create new quotations from them.

You still have the flexibility to make any necessary changes to tailor your quote for a specific client or product.

All you need to do is press “print” and the system will produce a well formatted quotation, along with a column containing the important stuff converted to foreign currency, using either the daily exchange rate or a rate of your choice.

The professional looking quotation will include a cover page with all of you clients’ details along with the name of the project.

The system comes with APA formatted quotation layouts as standard.

You can also quickly export your quotes to CSV so that you can manually change the layout to suit your needs if necessary.

Once your quotation has been approved, with the click of a button you can import the quote directly into E-POD (Electronic - Purchase Order Database) so you can start managing your budget.


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